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Rensselaer bridge



MJ provides comprehensive bridge design services for counties and municipalities across New York State as well as for contractors with
design-build contracts.


Our work ranges from small culvert design to large curved, multi-span bridges.

MJ's bridge design group specializes in:

  • Steel Multi-Girder Structures

  • Pre-Stressed Beam Design

  • Precast & Cast-in-Place Culvert Design

  • Integral/Conventional Abutment Design

  • Level 1 Load Rating Analysis

  • Demolition Analysis

  • Temporary Supports & Shoring Design

  • Pile, Drilled Shaft & Pier Design

  • Deck Pour Sequencing & Analysis

  • Continuity Diaphragms


Since 1990, MJ has completed more than 4,500 biennial and interim bridge inspections in New York State.


MJ has inspected thousands of bridges from single to multi spanned and stone to high span steel deck trussed types.  MJ inspectors are experts in rock-climbing techniques and are particularly skilled at inspections requiring specialized access.

MJ's bridge inspection expertise include:

  • New York State Uniform Code of Bridge Inspection

  • National Bridge Inspection Standards Regulation

  • Biennial & Interim Bridge Inspections

  • Structural Analysis


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