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The mobile laser scanner is an emerging and highly functional survey tool that accurately captures 3D information at highway speeds. Mobile mapping has the ability to capture dense point cloud information from a moving platform with a high level of precision that complements MJ’s existing survey techniques.


MJ utilizes 3D laser scanning and mobile mapping technology in a variety of applications, and in many of the firm’s departments including highway, civil, structural, water and planning. It is ideal for surveying infrastructure corridors including roads, rail, pipelines and utility lines. When used in conjunction with the latest point cloud data extraction software, this allows for the automation of many traditionally labor intensive processes.


Since laser systems rely on an active sensor technology, mobile mapping can be used throughout the day or night and even allows data collection in locations with high traffic flow. The technology has the added benefit of minimizing exposure of MJ’s survey staff to high-risk environments, such as active highways and railways.

Mobile Mapping

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