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MJ utilizes small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), more commonly referred to as drones, to capture video and still imagery for a variety of projects. This technology allows MJ to collect spatial and visual data from varying elevations. Utilization of photogrammetry software allows us to capture precise measurements and construct accurate 3D models with acquired drone imagery.


Whether we are utilizing drone imagery for stakeholder presentations, public meetings, as a supplement to traditional survey, for in-house planning and design, or to document the final outcome of a project, this technology is helping us to better serve our clients.


MJ’s fixed wing drone is equipped with an 18 megapixel camera integrated with an RTK GNSS module, allowing us the ability to capture high resolution aerial imagery with up to centimeter precision. Our quadcopters are equipped with cameras capable of shooting 12 megapixel images, as well as 2.7K video.

Drone Technology 

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