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MJ was founded in 1979 by Man Mohan Jaggi. At the time, MJ was a two-person firm offering civil engineering services out of a home office above Mohan’s garage. Over the years, the firm steadily expanded its employee base and services and, as a result, took on more and larger clients.

Today, MJ is a 135-person, full-service firm with several offices throughout New York and New Jersey, offering not only civil engineering, but also structural engineering, planning, architecture, construction inspection, landscape architecture, land surveying and mobile mapping.

In 2018 Mohan retired as the president of MJ, passing the reigns to long-time employees Michael Panichelli, president, and Eric Williams, vice president. Four decades and hundreds of successfully completed projects have passed. But then, as now, MJ’s success comes from its dedicated and talented staff and its reputation for efficient, effective solutions to problems large and small.

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